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Generative AI policy

At 3 Bees Digital, we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality services to our clients, and that includes using technologies like generative artifical intelligence (AI). This powerful tool enables us to craft tailored solutions by generating one-of-a-kind content, designs, and ideas. However, we are well aware of the ethical implications surrounding the use of generative AI.

With that in mind, we have devised the following policy to guarantee we use generative AI ethically and responsibly:

  • Transparency: We pledge to be transparent about our use of generative AI and will notify our clients whenever it is used to develop their content or designs.

  • Respect for intellectual property: We will not use generative AI to create content or designs that violate others’ intellectual property rights.

  • Avoidance of bias: We will strive to ensure that the content and designs we generate with generative AI do not propagate bias or discrimination in any form.

  • Security and privacy: We commit to taking all necessary precautions to safeguard our clients’ data and information, including when using generative AI.

  • Continuous improvement: We will routinely assess and refine our policies and practices related to the use of generative AI, making certain that we always use AI ethically and responsibly.

At 3 Bees Digital, we believe generative AI has the potential to transform website design and development. However, we also acknowledge the significance of using it in an ethical and responsible manner. By adhering to this policy, we’re dedicated to using generative AI to deliver innovative, customized solutions for our clients while maintaining the highest ethical standards.

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