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I have a Facebook page, do I need a website?

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Posted by Vikki

March 23, 2024

Facebook pages vs. websites: Understanding the difference

Your small business Facebook page is fantastic for connecting with your local community, sharing updates, and engaging with customers. However, having a website provides additional benefits that complement your Facebook page, allowing your business to flourish online.

The power of a business website

  • Greater control over design and branding

  • Showcases your products or services professionally

  • Better SEO potential for improved search engine rankings

  • Provides a centralized platform for all your online content

  • Increases credibility and trust with customers

The benefits of a Facebook page

  • Easy to create and maintain
  • Connect and engage with customers through likes, comments, and shares
  • Use Facebook Ads to target local customers
  • Receive and showcase customer reviews and ratings

Why you need both: the winning strategy

Having a Facebook page for your local business is excellent but to truly excel online, it’s crucial to have a website as well. Here are the reasons why both are essential to your online success:

Person holding smartphone displaying colorful flat lay design.Greater reach and exposure

By having both platforms, you can increase your online presence and reach a larger audience. Customers searching on search engines are more likely to discover your website, while Facebook users can find and engage with your Facebook page.

Enhanced collaboration

Use your Facebook page to share your website’s content and drive traffic to your site. This enables your Facebook followers to learn more about your products or services, extending your visibility.

Reputation and brand perception

A professional website helps establish credibility and trust with potential customers, while your Facebook page showcases your customers’ experiences and reviews. Together, they build your brand’s reputation and make it easily recognizable to your target audience.

Flexibility and scalability

Facebook is excellent for quick updates, while your website can provide more detailed information about your business and offerings. As your business grows, your website can be easily scaled up to include new products, services, or features like online shopping.

Get website help and maintenance for your local business

If you’re ready to make a website that complements your Facebook page, 3 Bees Digital is here to help. We provide website design and maintenance services tailored to your local business’s needs. Check out our website help for do-it-yourself website builders, or contact us for personalized support.

Don’t limit your online presence to just a Facebook page. Both Facebook and a website work together to grow your small business online, drive more traffic, and increase your customers.

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