WordPress Care Plan

What do you get?


Peace of mind!


Rest easy, knowing your site is safe and secure. Here’s the breakdown:

Always on

  • Monitoring for broken links
  • Monitoring for plugin vulnerabilities
  • Uptime monitor – notification if your site goes down
  • Spam protection for contact forms, opt-in forms, and comments.


  • WordPress updates (WordPress core, plugins, themes) – includes any break fixes
  • Backups to the cloud
  • Site performance check
  • Security checks


  • Reports (let me know if you want weekly, monthly, or some other interval. You can always change it later.)
  • One (1) hour of my time every month for any work on the site.

 BONUS – now and again, I’ll send an email with small, actionable tips for your website, in language my grandma can understand!




All of this, for just $80/month


How do you join the hive and let our worker bees take care of your site?


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